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驗廠咨詢  SYSTEM


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  1. Purchased materials are subject to incoming QC inspections to meet agreed specification or requirement?

  2. Proper handling procedures for non-conforming materials (e.g. suitably segregated with clear identification)?

  3. Incoming goods stored in a clean, safe, dry area with appropriate lighting and temperature?

  4. Critical raw materials tested against legal, quality and safety requirement?

  5. Quality records are maintained for raw materials?

  6. An approved raw material supplier program in place?

  7. Raw materials are subject to appropriate preparation procedures before production (e.g. mechanical sorting, screening) when necessary?

  二、PRODUCTION CONTROL Kmart技術驗廠之生產控制

  1. The latest specification or reference sample available at production?

  2. IPQC checks carried out during production?

  3. Proper handling procedures for non-conforming products at production(e.g. suitably segregated with clear identification)?

  4. A formal system in place for corrective action of non-conforming products?

  5. Non-conforming quality records are maintained?

  6. Production area is clean, safe and dry with appropriate lighting and temperature?

  7. Workers are suitably trained and are capable of doing their jobs accurately and safely?

  8. Smoking, drinking and eating at designated area only?

  9. Procedures in place for controlling re-work or work-in-progress?

  10. Customer feedback is monitored, reviewed and followed up properly?

  11. Factory has traceability system of materials from source to finished products and vice versa?

  12. Equipment and machinery are properly installed and maintained in good condition?

  13. Factory is maintained in hygienic and good condition (e.g. factory building in good order, floor/window/walls in good repair)?

  14. Factory has documented product recall procedures in place?

  15. Factory has an appropriate documented quality policy in place?

  16. Factory keeps samples from each batch of finished product?

  17. Major work instructions are available on production line?

  三、INSPECTION & STORAGE Kmart驗廠之檢測和存儲

  1. Inspection of finished products is carried out in accordance with specification, legal and safety requirement?

  2. Inspection records are maintained properly?

  3. Inspection area is clean, safe and dry with appropriate lighting and temperature?

  4. Proper handling procedures for non-conforming products at inspection(e.g. suitably segregated with clear identification)?

  5. If re-worked is permitted, products are being re-inspected (and re-tested where needed)?

  6. Re-worked records are maintained properly?

  7. Finished products storage area is clean, dry, with appropriate lighting and temperature?

  8. Effective system in place for monitoring goods at storage area before leaving the factory?

  四、TESTING 測試

  1. Products are being tested in accordance with specification, legal and safety requirement (if applicable)?

  2. Testing facilities and equipment are suitable and adequate for the products being tested?

  3. Testing equipment is maintained in good condition and calibrated regularly?

  4. Testing area is clean, safe and dry with appropriate lighting and temperature?

  5. Test records are maintained properly?

  6. Person who carried out the test has been suitably trained and is capable of performing the test accurately and safely?

  五、SHARP TOOL CONTROL Kmart技術驗廠審核之刀具控制

  1. All sharp tools are tethered to working stations and needles are installed in sewing machines?

  2. Production area is free of break-away blade or glass object?

  3. Broken needle records are kept properly?

  4. All products pass through tunnel type metal detector before packing (If applicable)?

  5. Metal detector calibration before, during and after use?

  6. Access to production area (e.g. packing area) after metal detection inspection is restricted with control of sharp tools / objects?

  7. A company policy is in place to control metal / sharp tools / broken needle that clearly state the following:

  All sharp tools shall be tethered to the workbench;

  Break away blades and glass objects shall not be used;

  Issuance and return record shall be maintained; and

  8. Each sharp tool has a unique identification no. (except needles)?

  9. A record book is in place to register issuance and return of all sharp tools?

  10. There is no overhead walkways/structures that sharp objects can fall into the products from there?


  1. Fire escape exits are unblocked or unlocked?

  2. Workers use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) relevant to the area?

  3. Hazardous chemicals are stored in an appropriate area with Material Safety Data Sheet available?

  4. Machines all have adequate safety guards fitted?

  5. A process in place for controlling Child Labour at factory?

  6. Workers are not subjected to physical abuse, the threat of physical abuse or intimidating verbal abuse?

  7. Factory does not use forced, bonded or involuntary labour?




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